How to Upload Videos Directly to TikTok

Crossclip to TikTok screenshot

In this post, we'll show you how to send compiled clips directly to TikTok with the click of a button. All you'll need to begin is a Twitch or YouTube clip URL (or a file from your computer), and a can-do attitude. Let's get this party started.

Creating your clip

In order to create a clip using Crossclip, head to the homepage, drop in your link, or upload your file. You'll be brought to the clip editor, where you can add layers, arrange regions over parts of your video you'd like to capture, save layouts, and more.

The editor

Crossclip comes packed with a metric ton of functionality to make editing and exporting your clips as easy as possible. If you need a refresher on getting started with Crossclip, check out this getting started guide.

Once your clip is ready, click 'Compile' in the top right corner. Give your clip a title, and if you're a Crossclip Pro user, you can also specify the frame rate quality of your export clip.

Using the app

There are two ways to upload your clip to TikTok using Crossclip. The first is by downloading the Crossclip app available on iOS and Android. Inside the app, you'll see a list of all videos you've ever created with Crossclip. Additionally, Montages are marked with a little icon so you can scroll through and select them for easy upload.

Share upload flow

Select the video you want to upload, and click 'Share.' A list of destinations will appear on screen. From here, the video can be uploaded to TikTok, as well as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and any other platforms you select.

But wait. There's an even easier way.

Upload directly to TikTok

After you've created a clip, you'll be brought that clip's page. If you close the browser after you created the clip, fret not. All clips are available from the 'My Clips' page under your profile dropdown. Navigate to the 'My Clips' and select a clip you'd like to upload to TikTok.

Upload to TikTok button on the My Clips page

Below the video, you'll find two big buttons. The first allows you to add your clip to a montage (check out the montage guide for more information), and the second will connect your Crossclip account directly to TikTok.

Click the button, and follow the steps to authenticate with your TikTok account. Don't worry, you'll never have to do this again. From this moment on, from now until the end of time, whenever you create a clip on Crossclip, click 'Upload to TikTok' and your video will automatically appear in your drafts on the app.

You'll notice we didn't need the can-do attitude. That's because uploading your videos from Crossclip to TikTok is an incredibly simple process. Once you've created a clip, with one press of a button the video will appear in your drafts. Open the app, make any edits you wish, and you're good to go.

Looking for more learning? Find out how to grow your social media channel, break into the world of YouTube Shorts, and create your own Crossclip layouts with our handy guides.

Happy clipping!