Getting Started With Crossclip

Crossclip is a free tool that helps you grow your social media following and earn more views on Twitch, YouTube, Tik Tok & Instagram.

Getting Started With Crossclip

Ready to take your content game to the next level? In this article, I’ll show you how to get started clipping with Crossclip.

Step 1

Drop-in your Twitch clip URL.

Step 2

Arrange the content and camera boxes on your video.

Step 3

Click compile.

End of post....

Okay not really. Yes, it’s that simple to create clips on Crossclip, but there is a ton more functionality to show off.

To get started, head to Crossclip. You can drop in a Twitch clip URL, or you can upload a video directly.

The Crossclip Homepage

Editor Mode

After you upload a clip, you’ll be brought to the editor. The default layer comes with a content box and a camera box. If you’re playing a first-person shooter, chances are the center of the screen will line up nicely with the action. You can drag and drop these boxes across the canvas to highlight a portion of the clip, and scale the boxes up or down if you would like to zoom.

The Editor

Select Your Time Frame

At the bottom of the editor is a yellow slider that you can move around, or drag to lengthen and shorten the portion of your clip you would like to include.

Configure Output and Settings

You also have the option to change the output format (different platforms have different dimensions), blur the background if your regions don’t take up the entire output canvas, and toggle the watermark and outro on or off.

Add Layers

Layers are an easy way to add more content boxes to your clip, and to arrange them on top of one another if needed. A layer can have a predefined aspect ratio (like landscape), or if you would like to go free for all, you can select unlock aspect ratio. Good luck. More power to you.

Preview Your Clip

The last thing on the editor I want to showcase is the Editor Options. For a real-time preview of how your clip will look, toggle off the borders. The orange, green, and plethora of other rainbows on the screen will disappear, and you’ll be left with a looping preview.

Editor Options Preview

When your clip is looking dandy, click compile. You’ll see this modal if you’re pro, and a similar one if you’re on the free plan.

The Compile Modal

The title is just for your reference so you know which video is which later on. You could always just watch the video, but hey. Life is short.

Select your frames per second and the quality in which you would like to export, then hit "Start Compilation." Our back-end wizardry can take a couple minutes to complete, but most of the time you’ll have your clip and be on your way inside of 30 seconds.

As of this writing, we're also testing out some primo rocket boosters to supercharge your compile times.

What do you do in those 30 seconds? I’m glad you asked. Download the Crossclip app; available here on iOS and here on Android.  

App Screenshots

How to Upload your Clips

There are two ways to upload your clips to TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. After every clip you compile, we’ll send you an email with a download link to that clip.

Open it on your phone, download it to your device, and upload it to whatever platform you like. Alternatively, the Crossclip app takes a step out of this process. All your clips will automatically appear on the app, so simply open one, and share directly to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, MSN, or whatever else you’re into.

For more information on exporting directly to platforms, check out these articles on uploading to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Not sure how to get started clipping? Check out these articles on making Twitch clips and clipping on YouTube.

Crossclip Pro

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Crossclip Pro plan in more detail. With Pro, you unlock the ability to toggle off the watermark on your clip, toggle off the outro, export in 1080p, export in 60 frames per second, you’ll get a priority spot in the compile queue, and you can add up to 6 layers on the editor. What’s that you say? How can something so valuable be only $4.99/month or $49.99/year? Like the reason behind Dr. Disrespect’s ban, I guess we’ll never know.

Happy clipping!